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In 2013 the two brothers fulfill a courageous choice, to convert the cultivation of the vines in biological agriculture. The reason has ethical ground of respect, but also real agronomical reasons, and they are certain that choosing biological agricultural today represent the near future of viticolture.

The conversion consist in a graduale passage, three years where the vines need to be restored.

Producing biologic means awareness of prevention and monitoring the rhythms of each vine. To obtain the biological certification is a path that start with the will of respecting what Earth gives us, and continue with the will to produce high quality wines and above all with a strong identity. 2016 represent the first vintage of organic wines of Cantina Loda.

Umberto and Egidio believe that supporting the biological agriculture means changing the recipe not only the ingredients. Ant these recipe imply frequently control from authorities and treating the vineyards only when necessary and with bio-products. Produce biological means also cover with grass the soil with natural substances and recycling the branches of the vines to obtain a natural compost and to create the perfect environment, as a cradle for the vineyard.

The two brothers listen to the land, to nature and vines and thanks to this technique of cultivation they obtain full protection for the plants with minimum impact on the environment, and most of all the produce wines with a real territorial identity, truth and… green!

“Produce and consume biological helps life and environment”

Gino Girolomoni