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``Having the land and not ruin it is the most beautiful art form you could ever desire``

The winery and farm are situated in Pozzolengo, in the middle of the heart of Lugana – denomination, on the side belonging to Lombardia region of the Garda Lake.

The biggest lake in Italy, a territory of an outstanding beauty, with a Mediterranean climate that fascinate millions of tourists every year, and with a peculiarity: this lake stands in the middle of three regions, Lombardia, Veneto and in north Trentino Alto Adige.

The Garda Lake is the result of the retreat of a glacier millions of years ago and this event donated the terroir a clay component, in order to made it the perfect soil for the autoctone variety, Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana. It is not easy and simple to cultivate, when the temperatures are high the soil become compacted and when it rains the soil become highly muddy.

The family cultivate 20 hectares, 14 of vineyards, surrounded by nature, colors of vine and olive trees, beautiful setting for the Agriturismo Bertilla.

Umberto and Egidio believe that each vine has his history, therefore they listen and take care of each vines.

Turbiana vineyards are 10/12 years old average and the Merlot and Cabinet vines are about 40 years old.